Our company was born in 2015 giving advice and training in the legal, administrative, financial and human resources area to different companies throughout the national territory; The decision is made to formalize its operations and expand in the region as of 2018, as an Integral option in the different structural areas of the companies, as well as the incorporation of specialists in each position as an Outsoursing that responds to the requirements in time and form to the companies within the changing world of the businesses, allowing like this the free development and potentialities of our clients.

We advise companies comprehensively nationally and in the region in countries such as:

  • Nicaragua
  • Panamá
  • Honduras
  • Dominican Republic


Provide our knowledge, potential and service for the benefit of our customers, our team and our region.


Strengthen ourselves as a responsible advisory company with the best practices in our field of action at the regional level, growing hand in hand with our clients.

Business Partners